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Akshara’s Column: Double disaster rocks Rashmi’s sangeet


Hi friends, just last week I told you about how unwanted expenses should be avoided during events such as weddings. Sadly, this week began with another unnecessary expense, Gayatri Ma and Naitik decided to hire a wedding planner as Nikhilji’s mother too has hired one. Naitik tried to convince me saying that Rashmi’s wedding would be well planned if professionals handled it.

The wedding planner, Chandni, arrived and everyone at home seemed to be impressed by her ideas and suggestions. I was shocked when she revealed that she will be charging a whopping 27 lakhs just for the mandap and walked away with One crore as advance fee. If that was not enough, she brought these really expensive saris for everyone without even asking us about our preference. The saris looked quite ordinary and I refused to believe that they were worth the huge prices that were attached to them. Even the gifts that Chandni purchased for Nikhilji’s family seemed to be quite ordinary.

Another surprise was when we visited Nikhilji’s mother and she informed us that her designer will be selecting Rashmi’s jewellery and outfit. We were planning to purchase the jewellery so we were caught unawares. I was about to express my surprise but Naitik stopped me before I could say anything. I understand he did not want to upset them but I don’t think speaking the truth would have been wrong.

Anyway, we decided to let the Deoras have their way and avoid any unnecessary problems. But we were definitely not prepared for what came next. We had decided to have the mehendi ceremony at home like we have done for all previous weddings. Everyone was happy and looking forward to having a good time but just as we were getting ready to apply the mehendi on Rashmi’s palms, Nikhilji’s mother sprang another surprise. She announced that she will be taking Rashmi to a beauty parlour and then to a hotel where she has organized the mehendi ceremony. We were hurt but once again no one said anything fearing that she will get upset. Later, at the hotel, we found out that Nikhilji’s mother got Rashmi’s mehendi applied at the parlour itself and so we were left with applying a dot on her palms as shagun.

 Even though Gayatri Ma kept mum, I realized she was hurt as she wanted to do so much at the function but didn’t get the chance. I felt bad for her and asked Rashmi to speak to her and make her feel better. After all, what can make a mother happier, than a heart to heart conversation with her daughter? Overall, the function went off well and we had fun. We got Rashmi and Nikhil to click some nice pictures together and it was all very romantic. 

I understand that it would not be right to hurt Nikhilji and his family but I don’t know if we should be going out of our way to fulfill their wishes. Though we are the girl’s family but even we have some desires and dreams for her wedding which we would like to fulfill and Nikhilji's family should consider that. 

Unfortunately, the sangeet proved to be a disaster. Someone spiked Naitik’s drink after which he began to feel dizzy and ended up falling and hurting himself badly. He fractured his ankle and everyone was very worried. The mood was tense and the function just ended abruptly. I felt sad seeing Naitik disappointed as he had planned so much for Rashmi’s wedding but all his plans are now spoiled. 

If all this was not enough after returning home, I found that my stuff was scattered around in my room. After checking, I realized that there had been a theft. We called the police but Dadaji requested them not to leak the news as it would cause embarrassment to the family.

 We wanted Rashmi’s wedding to be a nice, traditional affair, but in our efforts to please the Deora’s we have sacrificed all our plans and wishes and despite that, there have been glitches popping up at every instance and this last blow has left the family totally troubled.

I wonder who could be behind the prank on Naitik as well as the theft in my room. I hope we find the answers soon and the guilty are punished. And most of all, I hope Rashmi’s wedding goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile do share your thoughts with me at akshara@starplus.in, as always I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Monday, July 18, 2011
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Hi Akshara....im rajeesha from andhra pradesh. i luv ur show. its really awesome.i have a request....can we have naitik's column too? pls do reply...bye
rajeesha On Monday, July 25, 2011
hello akshara... I love u so much n ur show... its very beautilful, simple n sweet without any negativity... it portrays the real characters which we can see in our day to day life... I love urs n naitik jodi very much... for me u r the best couple... u look really great together... want see more of our naksh scenes... n u looked very beautiful on rashmi's sangeeth n sagai episodes...waiting to see u on wedding... I hope this time also u try something different n look very beautiful... heard tha
saritha On Sunday, July 24, 2011
hello Akshara I am Silki from India I love Ur show very much I have see all its episodes when will Rashmi married in the show????????????
silki gupta On Sunday, July 24, 2011
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