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Tere Liye gets a grand opening


A loyal fan-following and an interesting concept is all that you need to make a successful show. STAR Plus joined hands with Balaji Telefilms and the duo launched a show titled Tere Liye  starring Harshad Chopra and Anupriya Kapoor as Anurag and Taani respectively on June 14th.

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The show which replaced Sabki Laadli Bebo registered a grand opening of 4 TRP. Seems like Anurag's charm and Ekta Kapoor’s hunger to try something innovative yet relatable has worked its wonders with the audience.

Says an elated Taani, “It feels great to be a part of the show, which has been well-received by the audiences right from day one of its launch. I think the reason behind its success is the unique concept. The popular notion goes that if it’s a Balaji show, it will be all about the tiffs between a saas and bahu but this show has been treated differently. It’s a dark love story, something the viewers haven’t seen so far. This is a stepping stone towards a new and fresh approach. I also give the credit to the cast of the show. The kids are doing an excellent job and you can’t imagine any other actor stepping in their shoes.”

Viewers have been demanding the channel and the production house to bring Harshad back with Additi Gupta, her co-star from Kis Des Mein Hai Meraa Dil ever since the news of the show surfaced in the media. But this didn’t deter Anupriya a wee-bit as she was confident that the same viewers will accept her opposite Harshad. “It didn’t disappoint me at all, as it takes time to adjust to and welcome a change. I knew they will accept me with Harshad eventually and all they needed was time. I am receiving positive responses for my on-screen chemistry with Anurag, going by the promos they have seen”, states the actress.

Apart from the viewers, it’s a thumbs up for the girl even from her family. They love the show so much that they cry and laugh along with the girl watching her on screen. “My parents have loved the show and it's concept”, she says.

Talking about her experience with co-actor Harshad Chopra, the actress says, “Oh! He is a lovely co-star. He is chilled out and gives you your space thus making it easy to work with him.”

Anurag says, “It obviously means a lot when viewers appreciate your work. We need to maintain the TRP and keep entertaining the viewers. Credit goes to the channel STAR Plus for promoting the show so well and airing the catchy promos which attracted the viewers to the show. The production house too came up with a nice concept and great cast. All the characters look in place on the show and even the kids on the show are doing a swell job as actors. The USP of the show is its different approach.”

Talking about the constant demands from his fans to repeat the popular on-screen pair of Harshad and Additi, the actor says, “I am sure that the same viewers will like Anupriya and me as a couple and after this show ends they will request the production house to repeat us in their next show. I want to state that when I said I am not attached to Additi Gupta at the press launch of this show, I meant that I am not physically attached to her and we aren’t conjoined. Media has misinterpreted my statement and published it which has hurt me a lot. Additi is a dear friend and I wish her luck in all her endeavours. I really care for her and I am sure she will be back with a bang.”

The upcoming track will be a lot of fun to watch as Anuraag and Taani have buried the hatchet and have become friends all over again. 

We know and have heard a lot of fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages, asking for Harshad Chopra and Additi Gupta as Anurag and Taani, but circumstances prevented us from going ahead with that jodi!

However, please do join us in congratulating this jodi and wishing them a long and successful innings on STAR Plus!

Tere Liye, starring Taani and Anurag, airs Monday-Friday, at 10 PM. 


Thursday, June 24, 2010
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harshad + additi is best , harshad + anupriya is great
jijith On Sunday, April 17, 2011
guys harshad+anupriya are ok but harshad and additi r just so magical...... so getting them back in a story like tere liye would hav been a bang onnn
sanjana On Sunday, February 13, 2011
Iam a student of 12 std and a regular viewer tere liye.I request u 2 telecast tere liye episodes on sat so that i can watch it. there are many people who are missing this show.I love u Harshad and anupriya
akhila On Wednesday, December 08, 2010
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