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Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein News

The humble Siddharth Sood


Siddharth of STAR Plus' latest offering Chaand Chhupa Baadal mein is a disciplined guy who is the scion of a business family. He is an outspoken and stubborn lad who likes challenges at every walk of life. In real life too Siddharth (Abhishek Tiwari) loves challenges and this is what drew him to the world of acting.

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After doing a course in aviation and hospitality management, Siddharth realized that acting is his calling and putting everything at stake, he came down to Mumbai to realize his dreams. STAR Plus and Director's Kut gave him the chance of a lifetime and he ended up as the lead of Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein. This Dehradun bred lad is excited about his debut and is confident that the show will be well-received by the viewers.

Siddharth talks about the show, his character and journey so far.

What did you do before acting bug bit you?
“I have done hospitality management and a course in aviation. I have also done modeling for four years in Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow and Simla and have done print ads. I have also done a music video which hasn't released yet for unknown reasons.”

Weren't your parents surprised when their only son decided to go into acting?
“Acting was the only thing that I wanted to do ever since I discovered my goal in life. I started modeling when I was 17 years old. As a kid I used to do crazy stuff like painting my face with colors and act in front of the mirror. Thus acting had absorbed me completely right from my childhood. I just followed my dreams and finally came to Mumbai. I did an acting course with Creating Characters. My parents have been supportive throughout. They had never stopped me from realizing my dreams.”

How did you bag the role of Siddharth Sood?
“I auditioned for the role and Rajan sir spotted me and felt that I am very close to the character. They called me for a look test for the second time and finally I was chosen to play Siddharth.”

Describe Siddharth to us?
“This is a very positive character. Siddharth is flamboyant and noble at heart. He is an extremely sensible and sincere guy when it comes to decision making. He is a thorough gentleman.”

How is Abhishek in real life?
“Abhishek is a grounded and down to earth guy who is very focused on his work. I like simplicity.”

Were you a nervous freak while giving your first shot?
“My first shot was my introduction scene and rather than being nervous, I was excited like a child. The team of the show motivates us a lot and they show so much of confidence in their actors that there is no place for nervousness.”

Are you nervous for the reactions since this happens to be your debut show?
“I have a mixed feeling. I am very confident about the show as it has been beautifully shot and conceptualized. Being my first show, I am obviously a little nervous like any other debutant but I am excited too.”

How did your parents react to your achievement?
“They were really happy and excited for me but they miss me too. It’s been nine months and I haven't been to my home. They pray for my success and well-being always.”

Have you seen any shows by Directors Kut earlier?
“When I was in Dehradun, I used to watch Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. I am watching the two shows from the past two years and always dreamt of making it big like the lead actors of these two shows. My desire to make it big in the industry like them got me to Mumbai and here I am sharing the same stage as Naitik. I feel overwhelmed with the turn of the events in my life.”

What is the difference between the two cities - Dehradun and Mumbai?
“Mumbai is a fast and an active city and Simla is beautiful and quiet. After working hard for the entire day at your work-station you like unwinding yourself at your home amid the beautiful locales of Simla. Mumbai is the city which spells growth professionally.”

How different is a life of an actor than a model?
“As a model you exhume confidence once you come on stage to walk the ramp and you don't carry any baggage back home. But as an actor you have to live a character, throughout the show and round the clock, that might not be necessarily relatable and anything like you in real life. You might end up living a complete stranger life and that’s the challenge this profession throws at you. You have to think beyond your real life and adapt to new situations. How you look shouldn't bother as that's then look of the character you are essaying. Your focus has to be on giving your best shot always.”

Watch Siddharth in Chaand Chhupa Baadal mein, Mon-Fri, 8 PM on STAR Plus.



Friday, July 02, 2010
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handsome hunk.. great job as SIDDHARTH. u r doing justice to the role of SIDDHARTH. well done.
shab On Saturday, November 13, 2010
abhishek, u look smart in the role of sid. congratulations. ur chemistry with neha is awesome. best of luck. welike to watch putul and sid together. do not disappoint us.
shali On Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I love your acting Abhishek. Your expressions are amazing. I keep watching ur and putuls scenes over and over again. They're really romantic. All the best to your acting career.
Maryan On Thursday, September 30, 2010
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