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Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein News

Chaand Chhupa... scores 50


Its celebration time for the cast of theChaand Chhupa Badal Mein as the show has completed 50 fantastic episodes and is poised to welcome many, many more.

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And it’s time for twin celebrations for the team as Siddharth and Nivedita are all set to get engaged pretty soon. The cast and crew is in a joyous mood. The 50th episode will see the two leading ladies – Nivedita and Divya getting ready for their engagement to Siddharth. The show promises to deliver a surprise and interesting twist as it completes its 50 episode run.

Says Nivedita, “It doesn’t feel that we have completed 50 episodes. At times it seems as if we have just started and sometimes, you feel that you have come a long way. I have a fabulous set of co-actors and unit. We all keep having fun and masti on the sets. They are all extremely co-operative and warm towards each other. I was once very upset over something and my co-actor who plays Divya’s brother, Aditya, promised to get me home-made paneer chilli and kheer the next day. The following day he got me both the dishes cooked by him. I was really touched.”

Nivedita promises that the upcoming track of the show will keep viewers glued to the show. There will be interesting twists and turns which will keep them interested in the show.

Echoing Nivedita’s sentiments, her cousin from the show Divya says, “It doesn’t feel that we have completed 50 episodes. I feel we have just commenced the shoot for the very first episode.”

Divya shares a great camaraderie with all her co-actors on the show. Contrary to the popular norm of the industry where two leading actresses always shared icy cold vibes on the sets, Divya and Nivedita are as thick as thieves. Reveals Divya, “We have become very close to each other. We share the make-room and lock ourselves during lunch break. No amount of knocking or banging the door brings us out as it’s only after we have had our lunch and done with our gossip session that we come out from the room. She is really sweet and we have a gala time on the sets of the show.”

Talking about the most memorable incident so far, Divya says, “My director who is a thorough professional is a little stingy at complimenting his actors. But I was on cloud nine when he appreciated me for one of my scenes. This particular dream sequence aired last evening, where I slash my wrist for Siddharth. He was so impressed that he complimented me for my acting. I couldn’t believe it came from him. I got great reviews for that particular scene even from my friends and fans. It pushes you to work harder and better.”

In their message to their fans, both Nivedita and Divya request them to keep watching the show. The duo says, “We request our viewers to watch the show regularly and continue to love us.”

An elated producer Rajan Shahi says, “Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein is not a typical show. We have set up a grand premise as the show is set up against the backdrop of Simla. All the characters have started establishing themselves on the show. We have always tried to do something special every week on the show. Yesterday we had a special song which had singers from Delhi croon for the viewers and the upcoming week will have engagement ceremony cum dhamaka on the show. There is a beautiful drama shaping up and an interesting love triangle in the offing.”

Talking about the not so exciting TRP's of the show, Shahi says, “Even Bidaai was dwindling between two and two point five till it completed 50 episodes. So we are hoping that history will repeat itself. I have complete faith in CCBM and the show is evolving beautifully. I hope very soon viewers too will take notice of the finer details of the show.”

We wish the entire cast and crew the very best.

Catch the drama unfold on Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein, Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm on STAR Plus.


Friday, September 03, 2010
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sept 23 rd episode create so many confuses. how can sid and nivi joined? please rejoin their. Without sid nivi is zero and without nivi sid is same.please not create tragedy.
shamla On Saturday, September 25, 2010
this snap of Sid-Putul is magical!! they need to be together for the life of this show n for all of us who love them!! after what sid did tonite, waiting to see how they get back to their happy days together!!! Thanks RS Sir n team CCBM for today's twist! Hopefully Sid-Putul will be together thru all such twists!!
sukanya On Friday, September 10, 2010
Thot today wud be the last day to watch 'chaand'...the previous 2 episodes were too depressing, but today's episode brought back the smile that CCBM did fm the start...at least Sid lived up to expectations!! Nivi now its ur turn to win him back n dont lose him for anybody!! Want to hear him call u "putul" soon n see both of u together hopefully asap!!
geet On Friday, September 10, 2010
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