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The epic story of Mahabharat is all set to hit your television screen on Star Plus. Great pains have been taken to narrate this story with utmost care.

Know about making of MahabharatMahabharat is the epic tale of two great kingdoms that went to war against each other. Filled with strong characters, lavish palaces and a tale encompassing every possible range of emotion! This is a story of kingdoms, a story of sacrifice, a story of relationships and lastly a story bridging the gap between the Gods and man.

The most skilled people where chosen to make the narration of this tale perfect on TV. The sets, costumes and the action sequences are all set to take you back in time.

Nidhi Yasha, the costume designer for this grand program tells us "Not once, not twice but around twenty times we have styled the characters, they look test have been happening".
The man behind the spectacular action sequences, Ram Shetty says "You must have never come across an action scene of this stature before."
The set is a grand one! Attention to detail has been taken to make the set look authentic. Designer Umang Kumar says "We were making the biggest set, and it is going to be grand. We hope everyone likes it."

How excited are you for the launch of Mahabharat? We certainly are! Make sure, you don't miss a single episode of this great narrative, starting 16th September, every Monday to Friday at 8:30PM only on STAR Plus.

| Wednesday, September 04, 2013
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Superb cast, superb background music, excellent makeup of the artists....great series than previous Mahabharat.....Please continue with Ramayan also with the same casting, we dont want to miss all the characteres of Mahabharat.
Tilak On Thursday, August 14, 2014
So far the story was going soo well what happened that you need to drags with unrelaven issue until the war started I never have read soo gar that Karan get soo bad sick after giving always his karwachuth and kundalas Nor did I know off Arjun 'sprence at the time of Karan's daan to lord Inra soo misleading to the new generation I wish you show in true values
Radhika On Thursday, June 05, 2014
i love to watch mahabaharat,background music is awesome ,well done mahabharat team ,i dont want dis serial to b end
samir On Saturday, May 17, 2014